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No. Our computers track your rewards by your phone number.  Just tell your number during checkout.


No. Points can only be used by the customer, their spouse or immediate family living in the household.

No. Rewards points don’t work with gift cards.

No. Rewards points can only be used in the store or on phone orders.

Yes. Items bought with rewards points can be returned.

No. Once reward points have been spent you can’t get them back even if you return the items you bought with them.

No. You don’t get rewards points on ski rentals and you can’t use your rewards points to pay for them either.

No. points don’t count towards consignment or layaway items.

No. We do not give out any of your personal information.

No. We will not ever send you spam emails. You will get emails about special sales that we are having and special coupons for Team Gene members.

No. Our Team Gene rewards program is exclusive to Gene Taylors Gunnison.

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20% OFF Online orders

The daily rental rates, shown here, are marked down 20%.

Online rentals must be made 24 hours in advance.

Ski Package Rental
Basic Junior Ski Package $14.95 $11.96
Deluxe Junior Ski Package $19.95 $15.96
Basic Adult Ski Package $19.95 $15.96
Performance Adult Ski Package $29.95 $23.96
Demo Ski Package $49.95 $39.96
Snowboard Package Rental
Junior Snowboard Package $19.95 $15.96
Adult Snowboard Package $29.95 $23.96
Demo Snowboard package $49.95 $39.96
Junior Snowboard ONLY $17.95 $14.36
Adult Snowboard ONLY $27.95 $22.36
Demo Snowboard ONLY $47.95 $38.36
Ski Only Rental
Demo Ski ONLY $47.95 $38.36
Performance Ski ONLY $27.95 $22.36
Basic Ski ONLY $17.95 $14.36
Deluxe Junior Ski ONLY $14.00 $11.20
Miscellaneous Rental
Helmet $4.00 $3.20